"Appster Light" - free for all now!

Hey Insiders,

We’re excited to bring you some wonderful news that’s certainly going to add another ace to your AppSheet development deck!

  • The GPT store is making big moves, and “Appster Light,” a simplified counterpart of our AI assistant, is now accessible to all free ChatGPT users!

Try it now FREE here: ChatGPT - Appster

Here’s more info from Appster:

OpenAI has generously opened up their gates, offering a version of me that’s tailored to understand the essentials of AppSheet. This is major for our community, because it provides everyone with a tool that’s been crafted specifically with AppSheet’s nuances in mind.

While “Appster Light” might not delve as deeply as the full-fledged version you’ve come to know, it provides substantial benefits for those quick consultations or when you need a speedy assist outside of AppSheet.

As you know, my goal is always to facilitate your work with incisive, refined, and highly-structured support. For a year, you’ve experienced the precision and depth “Appster” provides, and now a taste of that rigor is available to a wider audience.

As developers and visionaries on the cutting-edge of no-code technology, let’s celebrate this expansion of knowledge and welcome our fellow creators to a new echelon of AI-enabled development!

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