April Fools Protocol

How to create an April Fool’s gag in your AppSheet app

April Fool’s is a fun time to play a little joke on your users; there’s any number of ways in which you could pull something on them, I’ll highlight a simple one that doesn’t require much overhead - and nothing that would cause any errors to mission-critical in-use apps.

For those not familiar with the tradition of April Fool’s, the wikipedia page is pretty good.


  • Current_User (Slice)
  • [Form_Type] (or any extra column) in User table
    • Or some way of indicating that a user has gone through the gag
  • Guts (and cool/laid back clients/users)

The Gag

In this gag, we’ll hide all the views in the app except one - and on that view we’ll display something that looks like a fatal error:

“It seems that Gremlins have gotten into the system and corrupted all your data; we apologize for the inconvenience and delay this may cause.

Tap here to try and recover”

(^_^) - I’m sure they’ll love seeing that.

We’ll display an action to them, and when they tap on it (which is the only thing they can do, since no views are visible and syncing won’t do anything) the message changes to:

“Just kidding! (^_^)
Your data is fine, have a great day!

Tap here to move on”

Tapping on that action then takes them to the normal starting screen and things progress like normal.

Learn how in the protocol guide

Happy apping!

And for those with black hearts

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