Extended trial period

On Sunday, March 10th, 2024 the completion of our 2-week trial with the Discourse community platform came to an end. While we’re still forming a community and building momentum, I took a chance and reached out for a bit more time in the trial… and guess what?

  • They said yes! (^_^)

The Discourse team has granted us an additional 2-week trial extension before billing starts; this means we’ve got more time to make this space our own without immediate financial commitment. (That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?)

The community has a cost of $100 monthly; but when I look towards the future, I see this investment as immensely beneficial. It’s not merely a place where my patrons can come together for dialogue, it’s a lot more — a unique confluence of quality guidance, potential job opportunities, and mutual support… a place where we can make it our own, building the support community we’ve always dreamed of.

Stay tuned for more ongoing updates.