Gmail Responder

App Overview

  • Purpose and Functionality:
    This sample app is tailored to enhance your Gmail correspondence by automating email responses through specialized labels and personalization features. It is an intelligent tool designed to streamline your email workflow and reduce manual drafting time.

Key Features:

  • Set up automated responders linked to specific Gmail labels for consistency and efficiency in replies.
  • Enable scheduled checks that scan your Gmail for messages with predefined labels and auto-generate drafts for your fine-tuning.
  • Enjoy decreased response time thanks to the system’s initial drafting capabilities.
  • Utilize Tone Training to teach the app your unique communication style for truly personalized automated responses.

Target Audience:

If you are a professional who manages substantial email traffic on a daily basis and seeks an efficient tool to streamline your Gmail correspondence, this app is perfect for you.

Pricing Details

Access to the Gmail Responder app is inclusive when you sign up for any of my support tiers.

Make responders and labels
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Use tone trainings to build a specific responder & label

Support and Maintenance:
Subscribers receive comprehensive support and maintenance for the Gmail Responder app to ensure efficiency and ease of use.

Contact Information:
To gain access or further details on subscription plans, please check out the Answer Portal.

This listing is part of our curated selection of Private sample apps exclusively available to our community supporters. Each app is a turnkey solution tailored to meet your specific requirements while demonstrating advanced AppSheet functionalities.

Demo Link:
Preview the Gmail Responder app here: Gmail Responder App Link

As soon as I built this app, I immediately starting using it.

  • Like… 5 or 6 labels, all in daily use.

Whenever I get an email from a new contact, the labels powered by this app are my first stop in crafting a response.

  1. I start a draft with some basics of how I want to respond (bullet points, disjointed thoughts, not even complete sentences), and flag the email with the appropriate label.
  2. The bot runs on it’s schedule, processing the message. :muscle:
  3. I eventually return to my email and check the response; I’ll clean it up (move things around, reword stuff, shrink or expand what the Ai generated… make it my own) and send if off.

This results in highly refined emails, way better than anything I would write out, produced in a handful of minutes.

Has anyone else made a copy of this app and tried it out yet?

  • I’m curious to know how has it impacted your email workflow?