MultiTech Visions

Matt from MultiTech Visions

Hey everyone, my name is Matt and I’m the founder of Multitech Visions.

I have a background in adult education and a passion for technology, I’ve been at the forefront of innovation in the AppSheet industry since its early days (Jan 2016). From creating training and marketing videos on contract for AppSheet back in the day, to working with thousands of individuals and companies from around the world (and a select few clients), I’ve accumulated a wealth of experience and insider knowledge to share.

  • The community has always been near and dear to my heart. They helped me when I was starting, I want to give back; I’m in it because I love seeing other succeed! No better feeling.

In 2022 when ChatGPT took the world by storm, I began exploring how you could integrate Ai into your AppSheet apps. The result of this exploration into the possibilities resulted in the creation of the Answer Portal, and the star of the show: Appster.

  • The best part: all of the library scripts and everything that I used to create and power Appster are available for my supporters to use themselves.

In my free-time (what’s that!?) I like to run, explore forests with my micro cinewhoop, play music (piano, drums, fruity loops), go to dance music festivals, and explore new technology.